Ansible run multiple tasks per handler

There is proper solution to this problem as of Ansible 2.2.

handlers can also “listen” to generic topics, and tasks can notify those topics as follows:

        - name: restart memcached
          service: name=memcached state=restarted
          listen: "restart web services"
        - name: restart apache
          service: name=apache state=restarted
          listen: "restart web services"

        - name: restart everything
          command: echo "this task will restart the web services"
          notify: "restart web services"

This use makes it much easier to trigger multiple handlers. It also decouples handlers from their names, making it easier to share handlers among playbooks and roles

Specifically to the question, this should work:

    - name: Check if restarted
      register: result
      listen: Restart processes

    - name: Restart conditionally step 2
      service: name=service state=restarted
      when: result
      listen: Restart processes

and in the task, notify handlers via ‘Restart processes’



  • name: Restart conditionally include: restart_tasks.yml